Welcome to Eminence, Missouri—Your New Home!

The Southeastern Ozark Mountains were long isolated from outside influence due to the rugged nature of the environment. But Scotch-Irish settlers began to filter in shortly after The Louisiana Purchase in 1804. Shawnee and Delaware Indians also settled in the area. Rich in that history, Eminence was founded as the seat of Shannon County, which was named after George (Pegleg) Shannon of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, in 1841.

The town was originally located next to Round Spring (north of Eminence). However, Union Soldiers burned it to the ground in 1863 during the Civil War. Locals believe the town sits where it does today because a wagon carrying materials to rebuild the original town broke down here and never made it to its final destination.

By the 1850s, subsistence farmers occupied most lands in the river valleys. In 1924, state parks were established at Round Spring, Alley Spring, and Big Spring. It was during this time that a concept was developed for a linear park encompassing a large section of the Jacks Fork River. That dream became reality in the form of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Jacks Fork River

The Jacks Fork River runs east and west through town and separates north and south Eminence. Nobody really knows for sure how the Jacks Fork actually came to have its name. You will find a different twist and turn to that story waiting for you with every local you meet. Some say a young Shawnee Indian happened upon a tattered old captain’s cap as his small tribe crossed the Mississippi when they migrated west from Ohio. Then later, after his tribe eventually settled here in Shannon County on the river, the young Shawnee’s great pride in the cap he wore earned him the nickname Captain Jack and the Jacks Fork River was named after him. However, some thought that story a bit bland and boring, and not a bit romantic, so they livened it up a mite.

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Local Businesses

You will find quaint shops and many seasonal events in Eminence. You’ll also find hospitality rivaling that of 5-Star resort areas at our local motels, cabin rentals, B&B’s and restaurants. Eminence is also considered the canoeing and trail ride capitol of Missouri. More information is available by visiting the Eminence Chamber of Commerce Website.

Special thanks to Kevin Sees at Sees The Moment Photography here in Eminence, for providing many of the gorgeous photographs displayed on our website.

Local Schools

Eminence R-1 School District has been designated as one of the “Top 10 Schools in the State” for class 1A Schools. They received the Governor’s Award of Distinction during the 2002-2003 school year.

The Elementary building houses a Preschool as well as Kindergarten through 6th grade. The High School Campus houses 7th and 8th grades in a separate building from the 9th through 12th grades. They offer a wide variety of subjects including great computer technology courses. For more information about the Eminence School District, please utilize the following resources:

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

Great Schools Website:

Elementary Principal: (573) 226-3281
High School Principal: (573) 226-3252
Superintendent’s Office: (573) 226-3251

Cost of Living

Eminence, Missouri is one of the least expensive areas in the United States to live. However, we hope you will not just take our word for it. Please take advantage of the following resources and discover yet another area of savings by buying, building, and living in Jacks Fork River Country Estates.

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Local Weather

You can expect average temperatures during the warmest month (July) of approximately 85°-90° Fahrenheit. The coldest month (January) averages approximately 40°-45° Fahrenheit. The average rainfall in Eminence is 41 inches with an average snowfall of 15 inches.


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